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Ski Jacket Obermeyer

Obermeyer Jacket Technology defines our commitment to ski jacket function and performance. We are designing ski and snowboard apparel that pushes the boundaries of outerwear technologies. Introducing new systems of integrated synergistic components that create exceptional high-performance winter gear.

Saco Valley Canoe

Sandy beaches, animal life and so much more! With a Saco River canoe or kayak rental from Saco Valley Canoe the sky's the limit. Explore one of the six planned routes and see the best the Mount Washington Valley has to offer. Grab your suit and towel and see for yourself!

Canoe at Saco Riger

A Saco River canoe and kayak package will help your family have the adventure of a lifetime. Come to the Mount Washington Valley and experience all that nature has to offer. Paddle down New England's cleanest river or swim the sandy beaches. Choose one of the six planned routes for summer fun. See more at

Increasing fuel efficiency

how to improve fuel economy Auto Corporations want to know how to improve fuel economy and save money on gas! With a large fleet of vehicles to operate, saving money is very important. The best method for saving money on fuel is the KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch developed in Germany. The patch is used all over Asia and Europe! It is now being introduced to the U.S.A. through Efficiency Experts, LLC - an American company based in New Hampshire. The auto company can also recommend the patches to customers who purchase vehicles because they will help the new car run cleaner and more efficiently.

Increasing fuel efficiency

improve gas mileage The fuel savings patch was designed in Germany, and it is made in Malaysia. The science behind the 9-layer nanotechnology uses FIR and scaler energy to break up fuel molecules so it burns more efficiently. The patch itself is small 3 inch by 3 inch adhesive plastic mechanism that attaches to any type of gas tank. The fuel savings device will improve gas mileage by 8-15% or more. Contact them to order a patch or patches soon!

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