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Human Dating - Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Pheromones have a long history, beginning in 1959 with Peter Karlson, the German scientist who first worked with them. He coined the word by combining "pherein," which means "to carry," and "homone," which means "to excite." So these chemicals are truly the carriers of excitement, which he noticed when placing female insect chemicals near male insects and watching the ensuing dance. These important messenger chemicals have since proven to be instrumental in many human behaviors, both good and bad.

Attraction (Sexual) Between Humans and The Role of Human Scent

What are pheromones found to produce in humans? Pheromones affect desire in humans. They can increase affection between humans and help humans sleep next to one another more comfortably. They can increase the frequency of intercourse between lovers and add to the length of foreplay. Strong pheromones can, therefore, increase attractiveness and ultimately improve sexual and overall relationship satisfaction.

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