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Bulletproof vests

A Bulletproof vest utilizes layers of solid strands to get and disfigure a projectile, mushrooming it into a dish shape, and spreading its drive over a more imposing parcel of the vest filament. The vest then will osmose the force from the mushrooming and disfiguring projectile, carrying it to a stop before it can comprehensively infiltrate the textile grid. Some layers might be entered towards the front, but as the shot misshapes, the force is osmosed by a much more expansive zone of strand.

Scottish Blankets

Blankets for the Home
You don’t have to be affiliated with a Clan to enjoy the Scottish tartan blankets from Scotland by Yard!
The selection of tartan pattern blankets is wonderful and the quality is outstanding. They also have many other Celtic items beyond their wonderful blankets. If you have a chance to visit their shop in Vermont then I recommend that you do so. You will be impressed with their products (and of course their blankets) and their knowledge of their products.

POS For Restaurants

More and more, children are not impressed by pizza today, even though their parents consider it a treat. Restaurants need to supply items that provide the wow factor for kids who seek a juicier entree choice. Younger kids have to be allowed to mix and match their foods, and there may not be a menu item that gives them such items as chicken fingers with ranch dressing. This unknown ground is where restaurant point of sale systems set people at ease.

Tibetan highland

It is possible to have your Tibetan rugs custom designed for you. I have gone through Inner Asia to get the best rugs. There, you can choose a design and specify how dense you want them to knot the rug. Everything from color to shape and size is customizable. You can even determine the silk highlighting and how much fringe you would like. They can offer a computerized image of the rug you have ordered and within five months you'll have your rug.

Specifications - Home Décor

Honey onyx is the perfect choice for your next design project. This stone is sure to make a splash! Great for almost any interior or exterior application. It is mined exclusively in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. Come get inspired at

Home A/V Systems - Components and Installation

Sight and Sound Solutions - All the technology in the world can't make up for a faulty implementation. A home theater must have:

  • Comfy seating
  • Ambient lighting that enhances the viewing experience
  • Properly installed electronics
  • Balanced outputs
  • High def screens
  • True fidelity audio
A rewarding environment can't be had at a box store. You, the viewer, need to be involved in planning, selecting, and tuning the system, with help from knowledgeable specialists. A true expert is both technically adept and attuned to the senses of the audience/owners.

Sight and Sound Solutions

Home Theater Vermont - A rewarding theater experience can't be found at a box store. You, the viewer, need to be involved in selecting, planning, and setting up the system - with help from fully trained specialists. A home theater needs these vital electronics:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Ambient lighting that enriches the viewing experience
  • High def screens
  • Surround-sound audio
  • Properly matched electronics
  • Implemented outputs
All the high tech in the world can't make up for a flawed design. A true theater professional has both technical knowledge and empathy with the tastes of the owners who will be the audience.

Make Your Purchases Local

Great New England made gifts and products are available at The Local Store is a great source for small run local products. Don't shop the box stores when you can send a thoughtful and locally made gift. Get more for your dollar at

Vermont Made Products

The hand-made crafts and food items from Vermont workshops and kitchens are known for their quality and value. Nothing can beat locally made gifts, and that goes double for Vermont made products. They're made close to home from local materials and ingredients and a careful eye toward economy. They're priced right, too. They are beautiful and welcome gifts for every taste and budget.

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