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Two very important consumer electronics products are computer and the associated printer. You own a computer and you've decided to invest in a printer. As with every other technological product, there's a host of differing ones out there and to decide on which one suits you, you'll need to make some decisions on why you need a printer and what you want it to do.

First of all you should answer some questions that'll help you decide from the huge range of printers on the market.

How much will you be printing and on how regular a basis will it be?

What is your priority speed or quality?

Will you be mainly printing text or graphics/photographs?

Do you need black and white or color printing?

Of course, cost will be a factor for many people purchasing printers and today this consumer electronics product has become quite cheap to buy. But one thing that you should check out before purchasing a printer is how much the accompanying consumables will cost you.

Some printers are very cheap but some, and it must be noted not all, however cheap printers may have expensive ink cartridges. These can sometimes be half as expensive to buy for one set as buying the printer itself, so spending a few extra dollars on the printer hardware may be a better financial option in the long run if the ink cartridges are expensive.

Tips and Advice

When buying a printer make sure the printer driver will work with your operating system.

Research how may pages an ink cartridge can print and the cost to purchase new ink cartridges.

Research whether there are online places to purchase your ink that can save you a great deal of money.

There are a small range of printer/scanner machines on the market that combine the functions of printing and scanning producing a kind of home solution to a photocopier.

When PPM (pages per minute) is defined note that this is the manufacturer's claim and may not be based on the type of printing that you will e doing. If you intend to print complex documents then your PPM may be much lower. If you are making a decision based on printing speed then consider how your results may be different than the speed results stated by the manufacturer.

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