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Infrared Asphalt Repair

With the new Kasi Infrared trucks I purchased to fix a run of pothole issues last year, I'm able to bring old concrete back into a virgin state. The trucks heat the asphalt up to about four hundred degrees in the infrared chamber. This allows us to reuse old road surface. Because the rays penetrate into the asphalt to slowly heat it, the material doses not get burned and ruined.

How to improve fuel consumption

Learn More The KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch will save gas mileage and big money on fuel costs! The patches have sticky adhesive on the sides to attach to any fuel tank. One or more patches will be necessary to see savings. It will depend on the size of the tank. The patch has FIR rays and scaler energy to trigger changes in the fuel molecules that help them to combust more efficiently. The Fuel Patch will save an average person from 8 to15% gas mileage. Visit their website to Learn More about the innovative technology.

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