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How to improve gas mileage on a truck

how to increase fuel economy When a large corporation wants to learn how to increase fuel economy for their facilities and vehicles, they contact Efficiency Experts (EE), LLC. EE, LLC is the exclusive & sole distributor in the U.S. for the KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch. The patch is a new patented 9-layer nanotechnology made with patented FIR rays and scaler energy. The technology reduces the size of fuel clusters by partially negative ions and by hydrogenating the fuel molecules. Visit the EE, LLC website to learn more about the new nanotechnology!

How to increase gas mileage in a truck

Click Here Carpooling and ride-sharing are great alternatives to reduce gas consumption and money. The commute to work every day is the most frequent driving that many people do. When they carpool, they reduce pollution to the air and save fuel! It makes a lot of sense to carpool to work. A person will also save time from driving themselves to work every day. Click Here to learn more about the tax incentives of carpooling to save fuel.

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