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The candidate figured to get the youth vote he should have a massive web presence. He did facebook, twitter, and had an attractive website with an interesting blog, but he wanted to go further. He was the first candidate to do a weekly internet broadcast on his site where he would address issues that were sent to him by facebook, twitter, and blog readers. This method proved to be very affective. He set up a live chat as well, and his staff would feed him new questions as his broadcast went on. The one problem with his idea was he spent very little time trying to reach the older community, and he likely lost some votes with this demographic as a result. The youth vote was up in the polls, and most were likely for him, but he narrowly lost the race due to the high voter turn out of those age 45 plus.

If you start to use the Internet to get your message out then consider how to reach your entire audience. In some case such as for a politician every vote counts.

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