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Breaking news an example - A study has come out that proves that blueberries, raspberries, and other dark colored fruit contain antioxidants and other healthful components that can lower the consumers chances of cancer as well as lesson the chances and progression of Alzheimer later in life. Considering how much thought is put into vitamin supplements and healthful eating, it is surprising to many that a small fruit like a blueberry can truly be a superfood. However, many very healthy berry growers have claimed their health and sharp minds are the result of the abundance of berries that have been in their diet throughout their lives. It is important to note that a diet high in blueberries and raspberries does not guarantee a life without cancer or Alzheimer. Eating well is simply is one aspect, along with other healthy choices as well as genetic predisposition, that can affect health.

How to lower electric bill

Do you want to legally reduce electric bill on a monthly basis? This can be done by using c-results cards. C-results cards are used for commercial or industrial use, and there is no need to shut down an operation or production when installing the cards. They are easy to install with no moving parts and are maintenance free. There are different size card capacities available for the various industry size and production rate. You will save up to 30% of electricity costs. Visit their website today for more information -!

Lower energy bills

Auto body and service shops as well as automobile manufacturers are huge consumers of electricity to operate. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on electric power every month. There are many measures to take in order to reduce electricity consumption. New technologies are available to help curb electric wastage and thus, save energy and money. Up to 35% can be saved on electric costs. click here to visit their website to learn more on how to save money and energy on a daily basis!

How to improve fuel consumption

kraftstoff energiesparer Whether the tank is a car gas tank or a heating fuel oil tank, the Fuel Savings Patch will help to reduce fuel costs and increase gas mileage. The car will also generate less carbon build up within the engine. The company that develops and manufactures the patch is called kraftstoff energiesparer. It was developed in Germany and manufactured in Malaysia. The patch is currently being used for fuel tanks in Asia and Australia. The patch is cost-effective and a smart investment!

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