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CBT Therapist in New Hampshire

CBT NH - Cognitive-behavioral therapy stresses the role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. It is based on the belief that thoughts, rather than people or events, cause our negative feelings. The therapist assists the client in identifying, testing the reality of, and correcting dysfunctional beliefs underlying his or her thinking. The therapist then helps the client modify those thoughts and the behaviors that flow from them. CBT is a structured collaboration between therapist and client and often calls for homework assignments. If you're looking for CBT therapy in New Hampshire (NH) or for a New Hampshire (NH) CBT Therapist then Karen Gillock who is located in Lebanon, NH practices CBT. She is a professional psychologist that specializes in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy.

Substance-Free Living - Freedom from Drug Addiction

Labeling someone with a mental diagnosis is a common practice in addiction centers. However while a consideration of past behavior may be helpful in some instances, it generally is negative. One school of thought teaches that an intake counseling session should focus on strengths to build confidence. As the recovering addict draws upon their strengths, healing can occur. Learn more about strength based recovery at centers practicing such programs.

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