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CD11B Antibody

antibody cd11b

Bio X Cell offers a variety of monoclonal antibodies, as well as recombinant proteins and isotype controls. The antibodies are produced in large scale tissue culture and are purified by affinity chromatography. They are of the highest purity and low in endotoxin; no preservatives or stabilizers have been added to permit studies in in-vivo systems. Bio X Cell offers the antibodies in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg aliquots. Bio X Cell also offers bulk packing for sizes up to 50g.

HLA Antibody

antibody hla from BioXCell

HLA genes were identified as a result of the ability to successfully transplant organs between HLA-similar individuals. Aside from the genes encoding the 6 major antigens, there are a large number of other genes, many involved in immune function, located on the HLA complex. Diversity of HLAs in the human population is one aspect of disease defense, and, as a result, the chance of two unrelated individuals having identical HLA molecules on all loci is very low.

Product: W6/32
Cat. #: BE0079
Antigen: HLA
Isotype: Mouse IgG2a
Recommended Isotype Control: C1.18.4
Production Method: Stirred tank fermentation
Medium: Hybridoma-SFM + 1% FCS + Gln +Gluc + P/S
Purification Method: Protein G

Antibody CD40

Antibody Characteristics - Affinity
The strength of binding between the antibody and a single binding site is known as the antibody’s affinity for the antigen, and the binding is reversible. The affinity between the antibody and the antigen binding site is determined by the type of bond formed. Because an antigen can have multiple different epitopes, a number of antibodies can bind to the protein. When two or more antigen binding sites are identical, an antibody can form a stronger bond with the antigen than if only one of the antibody’s sites is bound. Antigens with multiple identical binding sites are called multivalent, and antibodies are able to bind it more strongly.
To learn more about the antibody products offered by BioXCell including cd40 antibody visit

Billing Software - Chiropractic Office

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Software Solutions - Billing & Office Management for Medical Offices

NowMD medical management software offers a feature called the Patient Overview, and that is the Home Base for NowMD. The Overview is all necessary data about a patient in one place. Information about patient accounts, insurance coverage, bill status, appointments and more is all available in this module of NowMD. When office staff is working with a patient in the office or over the phone they access the Patient Overview as Home Base. NowMD makes it easy to access patients' data.

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